Recently photographed in Florida- Spec House decorated by Lisa Kahn

One of the greatest pleasures of working for talented designers capturing their work is to see what is going on in different parts of America. Lisa Kahn decorated a Spec house by the architects KUKK from Naples, Florida.

Fountain fitted rills line the entry to this bay side house.

The property sits right on a lagoon with a boat birthed up behind it. The house is large and spacious, appropriate for the Florida weather with high ceilings and large roof overhangs. To decorate a house of this size with no incoming furnishings from a client’s previous property takes a lot of everything, from beds and chairs right down to napkins and flatware.

Swimming pool and falling wall fountain abut the exterior kitchen dining area.

Lisa Kahn enjoys working with spec houses because she gets the freedom to do what she wants- as long as it is in the budget. As she has been very successful in this area with spec houses in the past  the developers are confident she will create a great interior. The colors are quiet and harmonious creating a peacefulness in the house.

Beautifully chosen fabrics by Lisa Kahn add to the quiet feeling of the house.

When photographing a house like this, I like to use as much available light as possible, to reveal the house’s design elements.

Natural light pours through the shower stalls into the bathroom. All enclosed with light green tile work.
A guest bedroom on the upper floor has a green color scheme.
Bringing together soft colors of green and blue create a layered feeling.
Kitchen colors come together with marble and ceramic matches.
The high ceilings enable plenty of open space in the kitchen area.
Final details of matching colors with furniture and exquisite elements.

Recently Published: Madoo Garden in Flower magazine May 2017

Bob Dash used every opportunity to experiment in the garden, with color, structures, pathways and plants

The first time I met Robert Dash, the painter and gardener, was for a shoot for House and Garden magazine commissioned by editor Babs Simpson nearly 27 years ago. Since then I have photographed the two houses and garden which make up ‘Madoo’ in its various stages of development. Bob Dash has now passed on, but Madoo is now held in a trust under the skilled management of Alejandro Saralegui. Both the houses and gardens require considerable attention to keep the spirit and creative nature that Bob Dash carried. It is truly a jewel in Sagaponak and an important part of the American cultural heritage.

Bob Dash was extraordinarily creative and used his painter’s eye in the garden as much as in his studio. He painted the different structures in the garden strong colors and they would often change each year. He was part of the artistic community in the Hamptons.  There was always social gatherings involving gardeners and artists with the constant flow of ideas and critical thinking on any subject. Bob’s use of color in the garden was always cutting edge and he loved to push the boundary in thinking the garden was another canvas to paint with.

Bob Dash used color in the garden in the many artifacts and structures

He kept two houses on the property, a summer house and a winter house, and both were distinctly different in inside and out, but the use of color was so strong that it was always an adventure returning in a new season to see what he had done.

Bob loved strong colors and everything he touched was a piece of art.
Bob’s summer studio was made out of an old barn with a large latticed window which looked out over a pond.

Madoo is open to the public on certain days and well worth visiting.

New York Living; Re-inventing Home. Rizzoli book.

Coming soon to a bookstore near you-
New York Living:
Re-Inventing Home
Written by Paul Gunther, Gay Giordano and Charles Davey, Foreword by Adele Chatfield-Taylor, Photographed by Mick Hales

Penthouse living room of New York artist.

Pub Date: April 11, 2017
Format: Hardcover
Category: House & Home – Decorating
Publisher: Rizzoli
Trim Size: 9-3/4 x 10-1/2
US Price: $60.00
ISBN: 978-0-8478-5845-3
About This Book
Residences featured here show New York living from our present time: homes that defy traditional definition but which are nevertheless rooted in the historic ground of the city.

Remodeled Brooklyn brownstone takes advantage of all available daylight
Beautifully combined bathroom with sitting room .

What does a home look like in twenty-first-century New York? While the city’s name alone brings to mind very specific ideas—the Fifth Avenue penthouse, with its elegant moldings and crystal chandeliers; the SoHo loft, with its bright spaces and air of bohemian ease; the Brooklyn brownstone, with its fireplaces, parquet floors, and lush backyards—the truth is, New York today is much more than this, and the potential for variety in ways of living is, now more than ever, virtually limitless. As a result, in the twenty-first century, the combined design professions enjoy an unprecedented menu of prospective solutions, whether based upon respect for a classically inflected New York past, an emphatic denial of such a tradition, or, most often, some hybrid response that often yields the best innovation possible.

beautifully constructed marble shower stall

This was a wonderful project to work on and gave me the opportunity to see what is being done within the New York area. Of course space is the huge challenge in NYC homes and apartments and getting light into the interior of brownstones. The variety and inventive nature of the projects chosen for this book go from the humble to the very well off. Enjoy the book!!

Dining table sits in the living space between kitchen and seating area.


Recently Published Newport Garden

A Garden for Strolling: Flower Magazine
April 2017

Bettie Beardon Pardee achieved the impossible- to build a new house and garden in Newport, RI, and have it blend in perfectly with the famous ‘Cottages of Newport’. The garden suits the house in scale and intimacy, it is not too big yet certainly not small, with much to discover; vistas, refined plant combinations and a myriad different shades of green. It is ‘French formal’, with a twist of high American style.
Having worked on two books on the houses of Newport, Living Newport and Private Newport with Bettie, which were published in 2014 and 2004, I was fortunate to photograph her garden several times and get to know it well. It is a very exciting addition to Newport.

Formal garden is centered with fountain.
Roses climb over the garden orangery.
Finely kept topiary garden.
Climbing roses perfume the morning air.

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Recently Published: NY Cottages and Gardens March 2017

Catskill Charmer: NY Cottages & Gardens March 2017

It takes a diverse palette for Herman Vega and Eduardo Rodriguez, both Venezuelan, to furnish a Catskill retreat house set deep in the woods. The actual building is quite undistinguished but their combinations of ‘clean lines and eclectic elements’, produces stunning results, both inside and out.

Mick Hales photographed the story for NY Cottages and Gardens. The magazine  loves to use as much natural light as possible.  The great thing is Mick Hales loves to shoot that way too, it gives a real rounded feeling.  Mick first started reflecting light into rooms from outside when his strobe flash blew up on a shoot for House and Garden magazine in India. He has learnt a lot from years of shooting for magazines.

NYC & G March 2017 Catskill
Herman Vega and Eduardo Rodriguez Catskill retreat
White floors counter and ceiling
Kitchen and dining area are open to living room.
Interior decorators outside
Beautifully composed outside seating
White on white bedroom
Rustic objects compliment bedroom closet
Interior designer attic
Attic becomes guest bedroom. Perfect retreat.

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