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Mick Hales, New York City architecture photographer and Southern Florida, loves to photograph for Architects. They invest so much time, money and thought in a project, that by the time it is ready for photography they want the very best visual rendering possible.


There is usually a small window of time for architecture photography when a new building is having it’s final details completed and has sufficient furnishing but is not too full to hide the clean architectural lines. Photographing buildings is similar to shooting sculpture, only a lot larger, a lot depends on the daylight and utilizing every ounce of information the daylight renders. That calls for keen observation and anticipation of what the light is doing.

Each season of the year can be good for photographing real estate but there are major differences. A new building with little established landscaping then shooting with snow covering the inevitable construction ‘debris’, can be a real advantage. Also in the winter with no leaves on the trees more of a building can be seen if there are trees close to it.
Autumn can be very evocative for architectural photography, especially for residences in wooded areas. The autumn light can be very warm and comforting.
Summer and spring hold the optimum time for strong colors with green grass, blue skies with white clouds resulting in the classic ‘All American’ images. However, there can be wisdom to choose a season that stands out from the crowd on a magazine editors desk, if the architect is looking to get published.

Mick Hales likes to work with architects to have their architectural vision published. Talk with him about your architectural photography projects on 518 672 0014.

Detail 1, Guy Peterson’s design for the Finish Tower at Nathan Benderson Park.

Detail 2, Guy Peterson’s design for the Finish Tower at Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota.



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