Photographing two Hamptons houses published in HC & G Architecture Issue

Photographing two fabulous modern houses, published in the Architecture issue of Hamptons Cottages and Gardens, was helped by years of experience of the photographer and editor.  One designed by Audrey Matlock and the other by Roger Ferris, both houses are very site specific and original in design.

I have worked as photographer with Audrey Matlock a number of years ago and was very excited when I was commissioned to photograph this house by Kendell Cronstrom, of Cottages and Gardens magazine. Audrey Matlock has an extremely clean sense of design and the building lines interact with each other forming intricate layers of space and form.  Even small movements around the house would create very different visual images.

Photographing modern houses can be very fulfilling because a lot of what a photographer is doing, is highlighting the building’s form and the ideas the architect has created, utilizing natural light. The initial walk through with editor Kendell Cronstrom, decided what aspects of a house are worth capturing and what styling they may require. Then the decisions as to where to start and what to photograph when throughout the day are crucial to a shoots results. Having a good idea as to what the weather is going to do through the day determines what the light will be like in the different rooms and on the exterior of the building. Often a grey day can be as useful as a very bright day, sometimes it works well to have both, which is what happened when we photographed Audrey Matlock’s design.


The Roger Ferris house was designed for a young family which wanted to keep the sense of living in a meadow. The barn like vernacular was created by there being three building blocks arranged conversationally together and slightly separated with horizontal wood cladding which extend into the roof surface. When seated in the living room a panoramic view of the meadow was achieved by three walls of windows. The simplicity of the buildings and their grouping made a strong reference to agricultural life even though they are set close to a very busy Hamptons town.

Only partial story lay out is shown here for both houses.

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