City Green: Public Gardens of New York. Flower Magazine Preview.

Landscape Photographer Mick Hales, latest book City Green:New York Public Gardens, can be preordered through Amazon Books. Interiors photography in New York City is published in New York Living: Reinventing Home by Rizzoli.
Recently published books of Mick Hales Photography City Green: New York Public Gardens by Monacelli Press and New York Living: Reinventing Home by Rizzoli.

Flower magazine comments on upcoming City Green: Public Gardens Of New York. In the March April Issue. In Bloom Books. Garden Photographer Mick Hales

A new book takes us on a tour
of the lovely green spaces of New York City, from pocket gardens to more expansive ones, and celebrates the ingenuity and spirit of their creators and keepers

THE CAMBRIDGE DICTIONARY defines the phrase urban jungle as “city life, especially the unpleasant parts of it,” such as traffic noise, pollution, and huge concrete buildings. New York City certainly has all of those, and they affect even the casual tourist. But it also possesses wonderful pockets of respite from all that—many more than

the city’s crown jewel—Frederick Law Olmsted’s 843-acre Central Park. City Green, captured by the talented garden photographer Mick Hales, takes us on a tour of 25 verdant spaces in Manhattan and the outer boroughs. It’s a celebration of the ingenuity that urban gardens demand when short on acreage. Consider Paley Park, tucked between two buildings on 53rd Street just o Fifth Avenue, with its wall of water that drowns out Midtown tra c. At no more than one-tenth of an acre, it still makes a statement (and is perfect for an alfresco lunch). Not just creating but also keeping green areas green can be a challenge in a city tight on space. Writer Jane Garmey chronicles the determination of Upper West Side residents to protect their community garden from development, which resulted in a vibrant, self-funded, and well-tended space. The book also takes us to those gardens that are more luxuriant in space and pedigree, such as The Cloisters in Upper Manhattan overlooking the Hudson River, and Wave Hill in the Bronx, which was once a private estate. With this book in hand, even the most ardent naturalist can brave New York City in ne form.

City Green: New York Public Gardens. is now available for preorder through Amazon Books.

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