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Mick Hales photographs houses, gardens and interiors for architects, interior designers, landscape architects, gardeners and homeowners. His photography  is used in books, magazines, websites, advertising and design professional’s portfolios. His sensitivity to using natural light enables the viewer  to experience what it really feels like to be in the scene.

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Mick Hales, New York City architecture photographer and Southern Florida, loves to photograph for Architects. They invest so much time, money and thought in a project, that by the time it is ready for photography they want the very best visual rendering possible.

There is usually a small window of time for architecture photography when a new building is having it’s final details completed and has sufficient furnishing but is not too full to hide the clean architectural lines. Photographing buildings is similar to shooting sculpture, only a lot larger, a lot depends on the daylight and utilizing every ounce of information the daylight renders. That calls for keen observation and anticipation of what the light is doing.

Each season of the year can be good for photographing real estate but there are major differences. A new building with little established landscaping then shooting with snow covering the inevitable construction ‘debris’, can be a real advantage. Also in the winter with no leaves on the trees more of a building can be seen if there are trees close to it.
Autumn can be very evocative for architectural photography, especially for residences in wooded areas. The autumn light can be very warm and comforting.
Summer and spring hold the optimum time for strong colors with green grass, blue skies with white clouds resulting in the classic ‘All American’ images. However, there can be wisdom to choose a season that stands out from the crowd on a magazine editors desk, if the architect is looking to get published.

Mick Hales likes to work with architects to have their architectural vision published. Talk with him about your architectural photography projects on 518 672 0014. mhales@halesart.com

Detail 1, Guy Peterson’s design for the Finish Tower at Nathan Benderson Park.
Detail 2, Guy Peterson’s design for the Finish Tower at Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota.



These images show the flavour of the Interiors photography. Mick Hales has captured for a wide variety of design professionals; architectural firms, Interior designers, shelter magazines and books.

The interiors  photography leads with available light to capture as closely as possible the designer’s intentions for that building. There is a delicate balance in the lighting which comes from years of experience of interiors photography on 4 by 5 film and now using the more tolerant digital imaging. This produces a more emotional rendering of a room and architects or interior designers showing their portfolios find their clients connect with the work quickly.

As a New York Interiors Photographer Mick Hales works comfortably across the spectrum of design styles, from cutting edge modern to full blown traditional. His latest Interiors book, New York Living, was published by Rizzoli in April 2017.



Mick Hales started photographing gardens in England over 30 years ago and brought a portfolio to show Francois De La Renta and Denise Otis at House and Garden magazine in New York. From that interview Mick Hales relocated to New York from Devon, England and started garden photography for House and Garden. Those commissions took Mick Hales to some of the best gardens in the world and developed his eye and distinctive style of garden photography.

Mick Hales photographs gardens for magazines, books, garden designers, botanical gardens and serious amateur gardeners. He also has an extensive stock of photographs of plants and gardens from around the world.

Many of his clients for garden photography are keen garden owners who wish to capture this ephemeral art form through the different seasons.

Gardens are always changing and they rarely repeat themselves exactly from one year to the next mainly because of different weather conditions. Another reason is that gardens go through a life cycle from being planted, starting out, becoming mature and then past prime. So the different trees, shrubs and flowering plants which make up the garden are at different stages in their life cycle so plant combinations tend to change.

Many gardeners realise just as their gardens are maturing that they will have to downsize their living situations and consequently leave their gardens after many years of loving care.

In those cases Mick Hales recommends photographing the garden several times through the year to capture the different seasons and then creating a personalised book of your garden. It makes the perfect keepsake for generations to come.

Mick Is currently working on a book with Jane Garmey on public gardens of NYC, titled ‘City Green’ to be published by Monacelli Press.

Talk to Mick Hales before the gardening season gets started.

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Sensetive calm interiors by Lisa Kahn

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